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I am a certified Jungian psychoanalyst and also offer psychotherapy and counselling. I work with individual adults and couples. I am also available as a clinical supervisor, and for consultation as an archetypal astrologer.

My private practice consulting room is in Wood Bay, Titirangi, in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am available via Skype and other online platforms for those who live in other regions. 

        Registrations and
        professional memberships

Member Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts, ANZSJA

Member International Association of Analytical Psychologists, IAAP

Member New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy, NZAP



Diploma Fine Arts (Honours), University of Auckland

Diploma Secondary Teaching (Art), Auckland Secondary Teachers College

Masters of Education - Counselling (First Class Honours), University of Auckland

Jungian Analyst, ANZSJA CGJI

Training Analyst with ANZSJA CGJI


I am a qualified client-centred counsellor and a certified Jungian Analyst.


In my analytic practice I work predominantly from a Jungian psychoanalytical perspective which places high value on the role of the symbol, myth, image, dreams and other creative products of the unconscious. A depth approach is particularly effective for work with early life trauma and deficit, and developmental arrest, but also for anxiety and depression, loss and grief, and relationship issues. 

Other areas of special interest include individual archetypal patterning, major life transitions (Early Adult Transition, Midlife Transition, Late Adult Transition) and the transitional experience. 

Astrological consultations are available for those seeking to understand their individual archetypal patterning or constitutional typology, and their experience of life - its cycles, the crises and breakthroughs, and the periods of major change and transformation. An archetypal perspective serves as a particularly useful referential guide during the major transitional passages of the life cycle. These passages, while essentially purposive and developmentally significant, can be experienced as disorienting, confusing, and even traumatic unless we have ways to make meaningful sense of what is occurring at personal and transpersonal levels of experience.

background and experience

My original academic pathway was in fine art at the Elam school of Fine Arts, UOA, from 1973 - 1976.

After a period of teaching art and art history at secondary school level, I began to actively pursue my interests in psychology and archetypal astrology. My formal training in counselling and psychotherapy began with a four year masters degree in counselling at the University of Auckland which I completed in 1998. Following this I was Counselling Team Leader at the Student Health and Counselling Centre of a tertiary institution in Auckland (1999-2005).

A lifelong interest in archetypal theory and Jung's perspectives on the nature of the psyche eventually lead me to explore opportunities for further study. 

I have been in full-time private practice since 2005, and in 2012 I completed a 6 year training program in Jungian Psychoanalysis through ANZSJA CGJI. 


I provide supervision to practitioners working in private practice and in agency and institutional contexts, and also to psychotherapists in analytic training, hence my supervisory practice is varied. The supervisory approach is determined in collaboration with each individual supervisee in accordance with their professional practice orientation and requirements. 

       Phone 021 0674676
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